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Face Conceal Glow Foundation 23 Ml


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Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation 23ml is a high coverage foundation available in different shades and suitable for various skin undertones. At the same time, this foundation is also perfect for all skin types. Specifically, this product is guaranteed to cover all blemishes and hyperpigmentation on your face leaving only a matte finish on your now even skin. At the same time, being oil-free yet creamy and comfortable, it doesn't dry out the skin, doesn't settle into fine lines, or cling to dry patches. In addition, its long duration makes it perfect for long-term use, whether it's a special event or an intense workday. Furthermore, this product can actually be used as a foundation or even as a concealer thanks to its innovative formula.

Its jumbo doe-foot applicator promotes an excellent finish to your skin. In turn, housed in a luxe glass bottle, this foundation ends up having a very long expiration time. Meanwhile, the entire foundation application ends up gaining a more practical as well as luxurious feel. Regarding its formula, it is gentle on the skin and promotes a super comfortable finish. On the other hand, you can easily achieve a more natural finish using a damp sponge or a more uniform look using a suitable brush. Basically, you decide what you want to do! In short, this product works as a high-coverage, long-lasting foundation or concealer leaving your skin as even as possible.