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Honey Lacquer 3.7 Gr

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Max Factor Honey Lacquer is a true triple threat: as pigmented as a lipstick, as hydrating as a lip balm and with the high shine of a gloss, this essential piece condenses 3 products into 1, making it perfect to pop into your clutch bag for a night out.This multitasking product gives you the instant confidence of a lipstick and the irresistibility of the shine a gloss offers, whilst keeping your lips moisturised and kissable. What’s more, in 8 different shades from Honey Nude to Floral Ruby to Regale Burgan, you can rock understated nude lips or a ravishing red pout.Has a smooth surface so glides on easily.Densely pigmented colour, giving you the fullness of a lipstick.High shine finish for an irresistibly glossy pout.