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Blush Brush Sealed Testers

Clarins Blush Brush is a makeup tool that allows both an easy application and a seamless blend. You can use it to apply your favorite bronzers, blushes and highlighters. The tapered shape creates the perfect angle: the brush fits your face perfectly, doing all the hard work for you. The super-soft synthetic bristles not only apply the products evenly but also blend the powders smoothly. You can use this tool to simply apply a touch of sun and energy to your cheeks or you can use the tapered form to contour the shapes of your face and define the cheekbones and hollows of your cheeks easily. Your mood will determine the result, and you can rely on your tool to perform every endeavor. In order to achieve the best results, apply the powder blush and bronzer over a setting powder: it will help to blend the colors for a more natural and long-lasting result.